There are rooms with various different atmospheres at Akisaryo.

Wedding Receptions. Entertaining VIPs.

Anniversaries. Memorial Services or Family Reunions.

We have private rooms, banquet rooms (max capacity 40)
and luxurious wide counters waiting accommodate you special needs.

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Private rooms ・ Counters seats ・ Zashiki ・ Western style room

The feast is in Nagarekawa, the center of Setouchi (The Inland Sea)

World Heritages ~ Itsukushima Shrine Atomic Bomb Dome
Throughout time, the “spirit” has been handed down from one person to another.
It can be said that Japanese food, which was created by motenashi (hospitality) and shitsurae (to set up/prepare)
which are both parts of natural Japanese features and tradition is also a “culture of the spirit”.
Japan has four beautiful seasons and in these natural features, Japanese cuisine was born.
We will continue to create the legend of abundant foods,
projected through time onto the Land of Flowers with love from the four seasons of the past.
Please try the delicious flavors of the Inland Sea. No effort has been spared.

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Holiday Hours Closed for New Years

Max Capacity 150

Max Capacity for Banquets 40 (seated)

Private Rooms

Kotatsu set in floor sits 32

Private rooms for 2~4 / 6 rooms available

Private rooms for 5~8 / 2 rooms available

Private rooms for 9~14 / 1 room available

Private rooms for 15~40 / 1 room available

Counters sits 18

Zashiki (Japanese style room with tatami mats) with door and walls available.

Western style room (with table) with door and walls available.

Barrier Free Easy Access Ramps


5 Minute walk from Ebisu-cho streetcar station

5 Minute walk from Hatchobori city bus stop

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